On the road again

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So yes, we're moving to Austin. Texas, y'all.

Actually I hear Austin's a pretty cool town, so I'm looking forward to it… especially the bit about having a house. I'm not sure I'm so keen on the summertime high temperatures, though. Of course, 70-80 degree weather in November might make up for some of that.

Of course it means job hunting. If I could just work from home I'd probably stay with Boeing, but they seem to want me to work in an actual Boeing facility, which complicates things—seeing as the nearest Boeing facility appears to be in San Antonio and doesn't have any other programmers there. So we'll see.


Jenny said:

You're not really going to start saying y'all are you? Do they even say that in Austin? We're not going to be there long enough for you to start saying Y'all. Jeez. :)

Eric said:

Of course they say y'all. It's the south. Just like Kintacky.



Eric said:

Also. I will be procuring a belt buckle the size of my head. Fair warning.

Jenny said:

A belt buckle the size of your head? Great. Well, if we're going native I hope your belt buckle doesn't get caught in my newly massive bouffant hair. That would be a pain. :)

Eric said:

Indeed it would. I will proceed with caution.

I suppose cowboy boots and a ten-gallon hat would be over the top.

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