House update and old friends

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Well, in a bizarre twist of fate we actually have a contract for a house, all signed and everything. The house we're buying is actually the first house we put an offer on; apparently the fellow was rather surprised we walked after his initial counteroffer, so we put in another offer on it. We ended up paying about a thousand more than we wanted to, but getting the fridge, washer, and dryer, so whatever. This was our first-choice house, so it's nice to have a signed contract for it. Now about that job…

Also, I meant to mention it last week and forgot to. As Jen, Mom and I were in line to get our boarding passes headed from Louisville to Austin, we bumped into Sam, an old college classmate and friend. He was on his way to San Francisco to spend the weekend with his girlfriend; we somehow both ended up on the same flight from Louisville to Dallas. Very cool to see and talk to him again; it's been a long time since I saw any of that group (and of them, I suspect Sam might be the only one really still willing to talk to us).


Mark Baker said:

Congrats on the house! Welcome to the world of the debtor :)


Eric said:

I'm not going to feel relieved about the house until I have the papers and the keys in my hand on July 10th.

Of course, for that to happen we're going to have to pack up the apartment and figure out how we're going to work the rest of July.

Oh, and somewhere in there I still have to find a job. If I don't have an ulcer by August it will be a miracle. :-P

Sam said:

Hey yo. It was good to see you guys too. :) I was wondering how the house hunting went. Glad you got some good leads. Good luck with the job hunting as well. Btw, what did you think of Reloaded?

Eric said:

Job hunting is frustrating me, actually. I've gotten a couple of companies to tell me that they won't talk to me until after I've moved to Austin.

The catch-22 is, of course, that I'm not moving until I have a job. They won't give me a job until I move, and I won't move until they give me a job. Sigh.

Hopefully some of that will change once we have an address in Austin and all.

As for what I thought of Reloaded, I pretty much covered that in my previous post... I'm kind of reserving judgement. I think it was decent, but if Revolutions is good (and clears up some potential plot holes in Reloaded) then my opinion of Reloaded will go up.

What'd you think of it? Hope the SF trip was fun. :)

Sam said:

I thought Reloaded was excellent. It's probably because the Matrix isn't a religion for me or anything. I mean, I looked forward to this movie the same way I'm looking forward to the new Charlie's Angels movie. Except that in the Charlie's Angels movie, I'm probably going to have to bring a bib.

Overall I thought reloaded was excellent. Cool new camera shots, good editing, good special effect and an interesting storyline to bring it all together. With the stoy being fresh enough to keep us guessing and keeping to its' "roots" in order to make it distictively a Matrix movie.

Catch-22s suck. How is it going now?

SF was awesome. I'll be going back in July. :D

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