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September 30, 2007

September Ends

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So another month comes to a close. It's so hard to believe it's been 9 months already since Ollie was born (give or take a week). Friday he waved for the first time. It's still a little rough--really more of a rockstar "Hello Austin" thing than a real wave--but it's the coolest thing in the world to me. I'll try to get pics/video of it in the next few days.

Last night we left Ollie at a parents' night out thing run out of our daycare and worked on the house for about 4 hours. The floors and trim are pretty much done and the bedroom is painted a really horrifically neutral Pottery Barn Beige color, so the list of things to do is shrinking, slowly. I need to change out a pair of light fixtures, and we need to touch up, clean, and organize everything, and I'm so ready to be done I could scream, but it's getting there. I'll put pics up once it's gotten to a point where the idea of having other people see the house doesn't fill me with abject terror. ;)

The process hasn't been helped by the recent wave of illness that swept our house. I got sick twice in a week, once a headcold, and once a stomach bug that put me in bed for 24 hours straight. Ollie's had a headcold for more than a week now, and he's recovering from an ear infection on top of it, so things have been kind of rough for the little guy, but aside from some nights where he'd only sleep laying on top of us while we sat in his glider, he's been pretty much the same cheerful, friendly kid as always. It's amazing how good-natured he is almost all the time, I don't know where he gets it. He slept better last night than he has in a while, only woke up every 3 hours, was easy to put back to sleep, and he slept till 8:30, all of which combined for a much-needed night's rest for all three of us. Hopefully he's on the mend for a bit.

Work is kind of stressful right now, my team lost a (part-time) developer, and I don't think management has any plans to hire anyone to replace them right now. That makes my team the smallest dev team at ASI, despite the fact that we build the tools the other teams use to write their modules. Fortunately I have a really great team and I estimated enough slack into the schedule to cover for it, but I hope we get some new hires soon to help with the workload. It's really cool stuff, I'm happy to be working on all of it, I just hate feeling so rushed for time always.

Nothing else really new is going on. Hockey is fun, I have a good team and it's really starting to gel. Unfortunately I missed two games to being sick, but apparently my goalie had a great game for the first one and really stole it (at least, according to him ;)). I can't wait to get back and play some more, we have the lowest # of penalties and the lowest shots against in the league, which means we have a little room to play more aggressively on offense, especially since we do have a good goalie, and everyone loves playing offense. :)

The only thing I miss right now is real free time. Time to sit and read a book, or go to the theatre with Jen, or just hang out for a bit, things are so busy right now it's hard to catch your breath sometimes. I know it will slow down, and I know I'll look back on parts of this and miss it someday, but man I could use a break. :) Hopefully England will provide that, and I'm really looking forward to seeing Simon and Fiona and meeting Ben. Plus I hear we're going to visit Fiona's parents, and I've not been to Belgium before, so that should be a fun experience.

Anyway, quick update before I go back to caulking/spackling/puttying everything in sight. Fun fun! :)

September 28, 2007

Sutton found a home...


So, if you've been following the saga of the kitten who lived, we found him a very nice home. He is a very sweet kitty, he snuggled with me (I was banished to the couch because Eric had a stomach bug) most of the night. But, suprisingly, Riley hated him. We think it was a status thing... older male cat challenged by young male kitten. But Riley hissed at him anytime he came near (though Sutton was doing his best to make peace, and they might eventually have worked it out), and was sulking. He was nothing like his normal self. And the house is disgusting. Between the remodeling and everybody being incredibly sick, the house is a total embarrassing wreck. And the dogs and cats barrelling through it in their games added to the mess and chaos considerably. So we sent Sutton off with Jesse and her girlfriend Sabrina, who promise to keep Sutton indoors and spoil him rotten. And thus the kitty who had a tragic beginning has a happy ever after.

Here is a picture of Jesse, Sabrina, and Sutton off to their life of happiness together:

Sutton's new family

We still have to pay the vet bill, but frankly the amount we're paying pales in comparison to what the costs would have really been if the vet hadn't been so generous with her time and resources. And, as Eric said when I asked if we were doing the right thing, "It was expensive, inconvenient, and time consuming, so probably." If you ask us to spend some money or see a perfectly good kitten put to sleep, we're going to spend the money. Because we are suckers.


September 24, 2007



Okay, if you're reading this in a web browser, you'll notice that things have changed. They're a lot uglier. ;)

Seriously, I upgraded the site to Movable Type 4 and it broke a lot of stuff (thanks SixApart! <3). So I've reset everything to the default look while I try to redo things to work with the new markup and templates. It may take a while, since work, hanging out with Ollie, fixing up the house, and sleeping all take precedence, leaving me approximately six seconds per day to screw around with CSS. :-P

I'm still working on getting comments enabled for all the sites... sorry about the delay.

Edit: Comments are enabled for all the blogs again. Now if I can just get the random photo block working again...

September 10, 2007

Kids are curious creatures


Ollie's picked up this habit somewhere, I don't know where--he suddenly scrunches up his face like he's smelled something bad, and breathes heavily in and out of his nose. It's hilarious, but I have absolutely no idea where it comes from. Jen tells me expressions are hereditary, but I can't think where I've ever seen this face before. I think it's an Ollie Original. I plan to stalk him with the camera (er, more than usual) over the next week to try and catch him in the act. :)

September 3, 2007

Yes, I know, long time no update. Bad Eric, no doughnut. :)

So much to tell, although if you watch the gallery some of it won't be news. Ollie's second tooth popped out a while back, right next to the first. Jenny and I were coincidentally talking about when his second would appear, and I happened to look in his mouth--and there it was!

He's changing so fast right now. He's just started into 6-9 month clothes (at 8 months--if he stays on this growth curve he'll be 18lb. at a year, which means he'll be wearing 12-month clothes until he's about two :-P), so there are new cute clothes to wear. He's pulling up from sitting to standing all by himself, and in fact at this point I think he'll skip crawling. He can scoot forward if he wants to, but given that he can pull himself up, he loves to stand, and if you give him your hands to help him balance, he can shakily "walk" forward... All he really needs is balance and practice: I give him a month before he's walking. I could be wrong though, he seems to alternate developing physically and mentally, so maybe he'll get to cruising and plateau there for a few months.

He loves books; just going to Barnes & Noble and walking down the kids' aisle (or heck, sitting down with a book at a cafe table) puts a huge smile on his face. Not surprising given his parents, but very gratifying. :)

He likes being upside down, too; I think he's either going to be a gymnast or a monkey, and the jury's out on which. He's figured out he can hook his toes into my ever-present belt and push up (or, more often, out); today in B&N he started adding the step of dropping his head between his arms so that he's on the verge of doing a somersault down my chest. So naturally I just grab him and toss his knees over my shoulder so he's hanging there, and he's grinning and laughing like a maniac. I'm telling you, all he needs is a prehensile tail.

He gives kisses, too, lots and lots of kisses. I hope he stays this affectionate; I know the culture will try and beat it out of him, but when he hugs me or kisses me it really is the best thing in the world.

He starts daycare tomorrow, twice a week. I know Jenny's really stressed out about it, and so am I. I'm so used to seeing Jen and Ollie pop in and out, or come over to my desk at home to see what I'm doing/steal my glasses/give me a kiss, and now that won't happen on Tuesday and Thursday. It's kind of sad to be passing so much of Ollie's time off to someone else. I'm so spoiled working at home, I get to see all the firsts in person and not miss anything. So hopefully he doesn't, like, walk for the first time at daycare (or at least, if he does, they don't tell us ;)).

Speaking of firsts, just yesterday he figured out the "M" sound. He's been saying "Dada" for a while now, but the closest he could get to "M" was "B" (so Jenny has been "Bob" for a few weeks...). Then yesterday he said "Mob", which was pretty close, and then he said "Mom" very clearly. He grins every time I say it back, and I've noticed when he gets upset sometimes he'll say "Mommommommom". Which kind of hurts a little bit, even though I try hard not to let it; I know sometimes he's going to want her instead, and he ought to. But I'm selfish like that. :)

Tonight might be another breakthrough, we'll see. He's not been sleeping well lately, although he's getting better at napping (hour naps aren't uncommon at this point, and we can often get away with just two naps a day even). At night, though, a lot of times he won't even go two hours without waking up, which is tiring, especially since he virtually never sleeps past 6 or so. So tonight Jenny and I decided to make another go of mild sleep training, so after his bath and a feeding, I put him down in his crib with Gertrude (his stuffed hedgehog, the closest thing to a lovey we've been able to identify), kissed him goodnight, and left rather than rocking him almost asleep (or to be honest, all-the-way-asleep, more often than not). He seemed to think it was playtime at first, making his "bobbobbobbob" noise and shrieking periodically, but then he got bored or lonely and started crying. After ten minutes I went in and tried to soothe him (without picking him up), but when I left a minute or so later he started crying harder. Jen left at that point (she has a class she's been going to), and I was expecting all kinds of difficulties, but at the end of the next 10 minutes, just as I got up to try soothing him again, he suddenly quieted down and went to sleep.

I am now going to probably jinx myself by checking on him, because PARENTHOOD is an anagram for PARANOIA (not really, I can't back that up, but it should be).

Nope. He's still alive; I can see him breathing. The worst part about this is that all the baby books say that 6 months (or double birth weight, which Ollie just hit) is when you should try sleep training, but they also say that SIDS is a risk until 1 year, and you shouldn't let them sleep on their stomach until then. The paradox is that by 6 months, they can roll over anytime they want to, usually (Oliver could), and left to his own devices, Ollie will sleep on his stomach. So: let him fall asleep on his stomach and POSSIBLY DIE, or start sleep training? Or poke the bear by letting him fall asleep, then trying to turn him over without waking? You can't win for losing.

Speaking of not winning for losing, at Jen's continued urging I embarked on a weight gain program. I added an 800-1000 calorie milkshake to my daily intake (ice cream, whole milk, whey protein, banana, chocolate syrup), drank it religiously for two weeks without eating any less at meals... and lost five pounds. What. The. Hell. I'm still spotty about eating breakfast though, so maybe if I add that it will help. If I drop another five I think USAID is going to start airlifting supplies into my back yard (which at least would help with the grocery bills). :(

Edit: Also, I know the site is wonky and comments are disabled. I upgraded Movable Type and it screwed everything, so I have to basically start over. Sorry, folks. :( You can always e-mail me your comments, I do love e-mails...

Edit the Second: Okay, so he woke up at 8:20 and cried, despite my best soothing efforts, until Jen got home and fed him at 9:40. Ah well. Maybe next time.

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