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12:00 AM by Eric: 07/29/99 -- LyricsHQ is the Personal

07/29/99 -- LyricsHQ is the current target of the morons in the recording industry. Go sign their
petition, and maybe this one won't get gutted like lyrics.ch did.

Also -- How scary is this??

12:00 AM by Eric: 07/27/99 -- Was on training Personal

07/27/99 -- Was on training all last week. I think I could have taught the class. Sheesh. Anyway. Danielle's coming into town this weekend…
that's exciting. And in two weeks I'll be in North Carolina with Jen and
her fam -- that'll be nice. I deserve a vacation. :) And in about a
month, Jen and I will be seeing REM in concert and I'll be
starting in my new classes -- Artificial Intelligence being most notable
among them. How's that for something to look forward to? :)

12:00 AM by Eric: 07/14/99 -- Well, yesterday wasn't Personal

07/14/99 -- Well, yesterday wasn't terrible, but it wasn't exactly a day I'd like to repeat. Well, not most of it, anyway. Today started
out badly, got much better, then settled into mediocrity again… so far.
:) My neck hurts like hell (think I either twisted a muscle or pinched a
nerve), but I got an offer to do some guest writing for a kick-ass

12:00 AM by Eric: 07/13/99 -- 9:23am. I have Personal

07/13/99 -- 9:23am. I have this feeling that today will not be a good day.

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