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10/04/99 -- Well, turns out

12:00 AM by Eric: 10/04/99 -- Well, turns out Personal

10/04/99 -- Well, turns out AI and Design of Operating Systems aren't going to be anywhere near as cool as I had hoped. At least the textbooks
are good, though; I can read them in class and still learn
something. Apparently you have to wait until Advanced AI
and Advanced Design of Operating Systems before you learn anything.
I think I get to take Advanced D.O.S. next spring or summer, though, so at
least the wait won't be too long.

In other news, got my first e-mail from Jen today. It's so nice to hear from her again… I've never missed anyone this much.
Apparently technology over there just isn't up to the standards we're used
to here in the states, which kinda makes me worry about the rest of the
world, you know? I guess I finally know why it seems like more than half
of the people in my major weren't born in the States -- and why more than
half my profs weren't, either. :)

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