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21.12.99 -- Notice the "Euro style" date.

12:00 AM by Eric: 21.12.99 -- Notice the "Euro style" date. Personal

Yes, I am currently sitting in Colerain, Ireland, at the University of Ulster, with some truly
cool people. We just had an awesome supper, and we're working it off
goofing around in the 24 hour lab. :)

Okay, so my plane was 3 hours late taking off from Newark. A gear indicator light was malfunctioning and they had a hell of a time finding the problem. So I arrived in London just after midnight. For future
reference it is impossible to go from London to Bristol after
!!!!!!! Jen and I spent the night in the (nasty, unheated,
inhabited-by-scary-snoring-men) Reading train station. Slept all the next
day. Met Fiona. She's cool. Hung out. Kissed Jen a lot… :)

Two days later Jen, Fiona and I went to London again to see The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged which was really awesome. Then we went to a nice Italian restaurant and had dinner and a bottle of wine. Yum. Then we went to the train station, to find that we had been lied to about when the last train left. So Jen, Fiona and I spent a miserable night in the cold, nasty Reading train station. We did see Buckingham Palace and Big Ben etc. at 3 am, though. Not many people can say that I think (at least not many non-Londoners :).

So Jen and I slept all the next day, took a day trip to Bath (which was really cool), did some shopping, and then hopped a train to Scotland. From where we took a ferry (populated by 10000 screaming children) to Ireland. This part of the trip seriously sucked. We finally got to Ireland, though, and I am having a great time with Matt, Ali, Danielle, and Jen.

That's it (at least a quick synopsis, anyway) so far. Hopefully I'll get the time to update one or two more times before I come home. Actually, maybe I hope I don't. :)

Update: European keyboards are really frickin' weird. Everything's the wrong shape and/or in the wrong place. :)

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