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12:00 AM by Eric: 1/28/00 -- It's frigid outside, Personal

1/28/00 -- It's frigid outside, I'm somewhat depressed, and it's going to be a very long day until 6. Hopefully it'll pick up somewhat
then. Maybe today will suck all day.

12:00 AM by Eric: 1/25/00 -- Damn straight. Jesse Personal

1/25/00 -- Damn straight. Jesse Helms is an idiot.

12:00 AM by Eric: 1/24/00 -- Saw one of Personal

1/24/00 -- Saw one of the albino squirrels today for the first time in forever. Also saw a freshman glance at it, then do a double-take with his
jaw open. Guess he never considered the possibility of an albino
squirrel. :)

My Political Philosophy class is awesome.

12:00 AM by Eric: 1/18/00 -- Good news and Personal

1/18/00 -- Good news and bad news. Good news: I have a net connection again, and damn did I miss it. :) Bad news: I think I'm getting
sick. Sore throat, feeling yucky… damnit. I hate being ill.

Update: Yeah, I've definitely got something. All I want to do is lie in bed and have Jen feed me soup and take care of me, instead
of going to work and coming home and doing my philosophy paper, and going
to class tomorrow… I loathe being sick. Sigh.

12:00 AM by Eric: 1/13/00 -- Happy Birthday Jen! Personal

1/13/00 -- Happy Birthday Jen! :)

12:00 AM by Eric: 1/11/00 -- You know it's Personal

1/11/00 -- You know it's going to be a bad class when the professor who is supposed to teach you about compilers refers to HTML as a programming
language. Sigh. You know it's going to be really bad when the
same professor is teaching Software Engineering as well. On the bright
side, my political philosophy class is going to be serious fun. On the
not-so-bright side, I can't get my modem to work at all. I think
something's wrong with the phone line, maybe. Dunno. And of course they
won't come out to look at it till the 18th.

12:00 AM by Eric: 1/6/00 -- I have returned. Personal

1/6/00 -- I have returned. Missing Jen already, of course. My net connection is pissing me off, being all squirrely. Eh. So starts another
semester. :-P

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