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12:00 AM by Eric: 4/22/00 -- Yep. Academic suicide. Personal

4/22/00 -- Yep. Academic suicide. Of course he's too stupid to effectively cover his tracks, so perhaps things can be corrected. On the
other hand it's not like Speed School has given me much hope of
responsiveness or justice lately.

Update: I don't know whether I'm an idiot or the universe has merely decided it hates me.

12:00 AM by Eric: 4/21/00 -- May have committed Personal

4/21/00 -- May have committed academic suicide in two of my classes today. I guess we'll see.

Oh, and by the way… "Don't you try to outweird me, I get stranger things than you free with my breakfast cereal."

-- Zaphod Beeblebrox, 'The Restaurant at the End of the Universe'

No, it's not really applicable to anything in particular, I've just kind of felt this way all day.

12:00 AM by Eric: 4/20/00 -- I feel very Personal

4/20/00 -- I feel very existential today. You know, condemned to choose and all that.

Update: Well… I have exercised my existential necessity, if you want to put it that way. I really don't know what to say.

12:00 AM by Eric: 4/18/00 -- About half an Personal

4/18/00 -- About half an hour ago someone commented to me, "Hey Eric, you're not really here, are you?" No. No I'm not. I'm not even close to
here. I've had a relatively shitty day (starting with the neighbors
treating me to rap music between 6:15 and 7:15 this morning) and it's just
going to get shittier as the week goes on. So forgive me if my mind is
about 4000 (plus/minus 500) miles away.

12:00 AM by Eric: 4/17/00 -- Way cool. I Personal

4/17/00 -- Way cool. I wonder if maybe I can convince UofL to use some of their materials…

12:00 AM by Eric: 4/15/00 -- "Electronic Arts has Personal

4/15/00 -- "Electronic Arts has shipped one-million copies of The Sims. That's enough individual Sims to form a substantial military force,
invade a third-world country, and win. They could even found their own Sim
country with a Sim City and a Sim Theme Park and… Oh, how ironic." From
Ars. :)

12:00 AM by Eric: 4/14/00 -- Decisions, decisions. :) Personal

4/14/00 -- Decisions, decisions. :)

12:00 AM by Eric: 4/11/00 -- Last two weeks Personal

4/11/00 -- Last two weeks of class. Papers and tests and projects, oh my!

12:00 AM by Eric: 4/6/00 -- Ah, those wacky Personal

4/6/00 -- Ah, those wacky Nortel execs. How exactly does one negotiate this sort of thing? I mean,
how do you get into that situation? What a mystery.

Addendum: heehee.

Interview with a search engine. Enlightening. :)

12:00 AM by Eric: 4/2/00 -- Vive Fjorge, the Personal

4/2/00 -- Vive Fjorge, the Swedish-Mexican Viking! :)

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