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7/13/00 -- Guess what? I

12:00 AM by Eric: 7/13/00 -- Guess what? I Personal

7/13/00 -- Guess what? I still exist. :)

Jen and I moved. About two blocks. The new apartment is about four times as large
as the old one. Kickass. It's got central air (!) and hardwood floors
and a dishwasher! Of course BellSouth took their sweet time
about getting my DSL moved, and now I'm pissed at them because I'm on
PPPoE instead of a bridged connection (yeah it's arcane and obscure
and very very annoying). We're building Jen a PC… you know you're a
computer geek when you have 3/4 of a new PC in spare parts lying about
from your last round of upgrades <grin>. Lessee… went to see Dar
in concert two (?) weeks ago… unfortunately it wasn't a full concert,
only about an hour of Dar, but good nonetheless. Going up to Indy next
weekend for that Centennial Oz shindig. Work is rocking. Nothing like
stimulating work to make up for some really tremendously boring
classes. Fortunately Art History is over.

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