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12:00 AM by Eric: 12/29/00 -- Christmas was fun… Personal

12/29/00 -- Christmas was fun… I made out like a bandit. My aunt and uncle and cousin from Chicago sent me what essentially turned out to be
almost a complete kitchen utensil set. Nice ones, too, all stainless
steel. We just kept pulling little wrapped utensils out of the box and
going, "Oh my god, there's more in there!" It was great. Thanks Karol,
Jim, and Teegan! I got lots of cool stuff from everyone,
actually. Including some sweet fleece pajama pants from Jen. :) Of
course, since I got her a verrrrry nice electric blanket, it's not really
cold enough to need them much. :)

In other news, I'm to have my wisdom teeth out Tuesday. Thatought
to be fun. :-P

12:00 AM by Eric: 12/13/00 -- Today has officially Personal

12/13/00 -- Today has officially been the worst day of the semester. I can't believe I was that completely retarded.

12:00 AM by Eric: Unseen but familiar Personal

"Bush lawyer Fred H. Bartlit said he had not yet seen the ruling but was familiar with it." Huh? How does that work?

Jenny was fantabulous as a lesbian waitress in Danielle's Not What You Made this weekend… quite a good play. Jen and I went to the
Nutcracker as well. Great costumes.

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