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12:00 AM by Eric: 07/16/01 -- Boeing did in Personal

07/16/01 -- Boeing did in fact offer me a job. And I took it. :) So we have an apartment, I have a job, and I'm getting very close to finished with
my thesis. Woo-hoo! On the other hand, I went to the allergist today and
-- guess what? I'm allergic to cats! Who knew? ;) Anyway, I'm going to hold
off on immunotherapy until October, when I can use Boeing's health insurance
to pay for it. Incidentally, if you want an allergy doctor in Louisville, use
Dr. Pollard -- he and his staff are great.

12:00 AM by Eric: 07/07/01 -- So St. Louis Personal

07/07/01 -- So St. Louis appears to be a kick-ass city… I think Jen and I will love it. We found this sweet 2-bedroom 2-bath apartment in a highrise in the
(apparently very cosmopolitan/fun/cool) Central West End… it ain't cheap, but it's
worth every penny. We can even have 2 pets… so we just have to pick em out.

In other news, my interview with Boeing
seemed to go well… they have some really cool stuff going on down there.
Hopefully they offer me a job. :)

We also hung out with some relatives in St. Louis, which was a whole lot cooler than you might think "hanging out with relatives you haven't seen since
before you can remember" would sound. ;)

All in all I think this whole St. Louis thing is looking very bright.

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