Fairly Symmetrical

10/25/01 -- How's this for

12:00 AM by Eric: 10/25/01 -- How's this for Personal

10/25/01 -- How's this for random? Today I called our Volkswagen dealer about an idiot light that had come on, and he asked if my car was already in for service. I
said no, and he said there was already an Audi owned by an Eric Means in for service
there. Also, there was apparently an Erick Means who went to high school in Martinsville,
IN (where my grandma lives) the same years I went to high school. Coincidence? You
be the judge. ;)

Also, tomorrow is the Big Day, when we find out about JSF. Cross your fingers.

My knee is apparently just sprained, not torn or broken or anything. Doctor's appointment to make absolutely sure on Monday, but it feels better, the swelling is
down, etc… phew.

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