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Screwy weather this weekend. It

01:59 PM by Eric: Screwy weather this weekend. It Personal

Screwy weather this weekend. It went from sunny and nearly 90 on Thursday to 50 and raining cats and dogs on Friday, and then back to mid-70s the rest of the weekend.

In other news, something has seriously irritated my immune system. I don't know if the rapid weather changes made me sick, or caused the mold/tree pollen counts to shoot through the roof, or I just got "lucky", but Saturday afternoon I went from perfectly healthy to sore throat, congested, headachy, bleah. I still don't feel entirely well, though spending nearly all of Sunday asleep helped. We did go to Christina's for dinner and a movie (How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog, starring Kenneth Branagh and some other people -- odd, but pretty good).

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