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09:03 AM by Eric: Scary judges and scary policemen Politics

This story should really need no explanation. Two quotes:

"I asked her when you became a police officer didn't you take an oath to protect and defend the constitutions of the United States and the state of Colorado. She said, 'I guess I did; I can't remember.'


[Judge Patterson claimed that] precedents of the Colorado Supreme Court and even the Constitution of Colorado are not applicable in Denver, because Denver is a home-rule city… [Assistant City Attorney Paul Puckett claimed that] "The Constitution has no force or effect in Denver, because this is a home rule city."

10:22 PM by Eric: Yummy… Personal

There's just something satisfying about stew that's been slow-cooked in a crockpot for 12+ hours. Not to mention the convenience of coming home, ladling some into a bowl, and having dinner ready instantly. I love stew.

11:03 AM by Eric: Democracy only works in a homogeneous society? Politics

Stumbled across this post on Europe's hypocrisy re: immigrants. Some of the quotes were pretty shocking. This one, for instance:

Democracy can only function among people mutually tied by an agreed geography and identity that binds them together with their own laws and taxes?as for considering the whole world one great society, unless people are capable of being generous and inclusive within their own communities first, they are certainly not going to vote for large overseas aid budgets, debt relief and opening up trade to poor countries.

10:43 PM by Eric: Puppies Culture | Personal

Friday night Jen, Lindsay and I went to see Lilo and Stitch… this is the best movie to come out of Disney in years. We were practically falling out of our chairs for the first half of the movie. Definitely a "buy".

If you still need some yuks after seeing L&S, head to Barnes and Noble and hunt down a book called I am Puppy, Hear Me Yap. Cute and amusing at the same time. The picture of the Aussie puppy (somewhere around 2 or 3 from the last picture in the book) looks very much like Cindy did when she was a puppy.

Then, Jenny, Lindsay, my Grandma Phyllis and I all took a day trip to see New Harmony on Saturday. It was a bit of a drive (2 hours or so each way), but well worth it -- it's a very interesting ex-utopian community, primarily active between the early 1800s and the Civil War. If you're into history definitely a place to check out.

Finally, Conner, Lindsay, Jen and I played roller hockey this morning for a few hours. It's been a long time since any of us played (and it was Lindsay's first time), but we had a lot of fun for all that. Great weekend, even if it did involve 16 hours or so in the car. :-P

09:58 AM by Eric: The problem of Palestine Politics

Stephen Den Beste has some interesting posts on the only way(s) the Israeli/Palestinian conflict can really fall out, and on the political reasons for that. All of the possible end results are pretty bad, but then I think that's been obvious since roughly 1948 or so. I think he has some pretty cogent summaries of motivations and consequences.

In a related note, Instapundit has a link to a NYTimes article about Palestine becoming, in his words, a "psychotic death cult".

09:37 AM by Eric: This post is brought to you by the letter X… Personal

I'm starting to get really tired of the letter X. In fact it is beginning to achieve the same level of dislike previously reserved for the small letters i and e, the phrase "information superhighway", and related phrases. XM radio. Windows XP. The Athlon XP. Aqua Extreme. OS X*. The XFL. Knock it off with the Xs already. Sheesh.

* Yes, I know it's supposedly "OS Ten". But it's an X nevertheless.

04:52 PM by Eric: If you could change any one thing about yourself, what would it be? Personal

My answer to the above question changes on a near-daily basis. But today, I think I would say, "I would make myself love dancing."

02:54 PM by Eric: Google x2 Tech

I found this post about Googlebots via this post about the Google Dance… which I found by randomly surfing DMOZ's Sci/Tech Weblogs directory. The post about googlebots is very funny.

12:02 PM by Eric: My last name… Personal

Means: the 1923rd most common name in the U.S. Jenny's last name does not appear in the top 88,799. :)

09:01 AM by Eric: The RIAA's new tech Filesharing and DRM | Tech

This has me laughing out loud.

Think of it. Every musical experience will be like the first time. Every track will be exciting and new. And you'll never have a song stuck in your head again.


Addendum: Just saw (via Instapundit) this article on LawMeme regarding cheaper, downloadable music. I have to agree with Miller: I think it's inevitable that the music will include some sort of nonportability tech, and that using Liquid is a very obvious tip-off of this. The industry seems to have wised up a hair (if they do in fact sell entire CDs for $9.99, and new CDs instead of just old stock), but them getting entirely clueful all at once is a bit hard to swallow. I hope they surprise me, though.

12:39 AM by Eric: Euthanasia, death, and atheism Philosophy

I was reading this post on euthanasia (along with several other posts by Mr. Den Beste on the same topic) when something interesting struck me -- something I've noticed before, but that hadn't quite coalesced until now, about the way religious people often look at this issue in contrast to how atheists tend to view this issue.

09:26 PM by Eric: Anniversary Personal

Yes, yesterday was the one-year anniversary of our marriage. It went by very quickly, but seems like it was a long time -- as if we'd gotten to November, skipped a couple of years, and then started time normally again, if that makes any sense. Her family (minus Lauren), my family, my grandmas, my aunt Ginny, and my cousin Lisa all went out to Zephyr Cove Saturday for dinner to celebrate Jenny's dad's birthday, Lindsay's birthday, Ryan's graduation from high school, and our anniversary. It was a fantastically fun evening, for all my apprehension about it.

Jenny is in Louisville until mid-July teaching playwriting at the Young Writers' Workshop. Cara is with her, so the apartment is pretty lonely when I'm home. Every other time Jen's been out of the city, I at least have our dog to keep me company. The only bright spot is that that means I don't have to feel guilty about working overtime.

09:20 PM by Eric: domain follies… Personal

So somehow our lease on randomtree.org apparently expired this weekend, without me being aware of it. Fortunately I was able to reacquire it, with no harm done except a DNS outage that's lasted most of today. Quite irritating.

02:18 PM by Eric: Appeasement Politics

Why is Europe still so hung up on appeasement? How is it possible that they missed the lessons Hitler taught about appeasing an enemy? Does it have anything to do with their historic desire for consensus?

These questions brought to you by an interview with an Israeli woman I saw on Andrew Sullivan's page.

Looked at one way, I suppose it does make some sense that countries with large populations of vocal Muslims would rather try to appease the Palestinians -- at the relatively cheap cost (to them, of course) of Israeli lives than they would risk angering people already in their country. Looked at another way, what precisely would the French, for instance, do if the Palestinians did manage to get everything they wanted through terrorist tactics? Is that really a lesson they want to teach anyone? I think this is just a weakness of democracies, unfortunately -- elected politicians do better solving immediate problems (calming rioting subcultures) than they do avoiding long-term, nebulous future problems (what happens when terrorism is really validated as an effective "negotiation" strategy). Aside from just "wanting to do the best job they can" they really don't even have any incentive to try to avoid those future problems.

01:34 PM by Eric: Arrrr, matey! Tech

I don't know whether this is incredibly funny or incredibly sad, but I read some of pirated-sites.com over lunch today. It's amazing how blatant these ripoffs can be. Someone on the Evolt mailing list today pointed out the following URLS:
http://www.web-designers.co.uk/design.htm and


Check the second heading specifically.

Update: It appears ezewebdesign has found out about being found out. You can still see the page in Google's cache, though I don't think it's the same version I saw earlier today. IIRC, earlier today the web page actually still had "Web Designers Limited" in at least one place.

Update: Even better, this site not only ripped off a website quite well-known among web designers, they did so in such an inept fashion that they left intact the HTML tag that identifies the copyright holder:

<META content="© 1999-2001 evolt.org and its members" name=copyright>

!! Well done, guys. All that and a bouncing marquee, too…

06:08 PM by Eric: Sometimes spam is strange… Humor

And sometimes it's completely and utterly incomprehensible. Among the other bizarre pieces of spam in my hotmail account today (including two notes from a very nice lady who wants to help me get www.randomtree.org listed in more search engines… she's so kind) was a truly bizarre rambling, crazed note. Click [more…] to read the whole thing.

I just scanned it, but it does raise interesting questions. Like what is Makail Gorbashev doing in a base in LA? How can a chip implanted in your hand or your forehead track your purchases? Who the hell is "Makail Gorbashev" anyway? Do chimpanzees have navel lint? Anyway, I found it briefly entertaining and decided to share.

In other news, Jenny and I turned in the paperwork for the apartment we're moving to in August. Both of us are a little ambivalent about the move -- we like the Central West End so much that it's a huge counter-argument to moving out. Hopefully the neighborhood in U. City will be fun as well. If not, I suppose we can always drive the 10 minutes to the CWE. :)

03:54 PM by Eric: Songs and bleats Culture

Songs: I really like Counting Crows' new single (American Girls). Catchy. Scanning the lyrics from the rest of the CD it looks like this one will be a must-have. If only I didn't actually feel guilty about buying CDs and thus supporting the RIAA

Bleats: I really like James Lilek's Bleats blog. He's fun to read, and Gnat sounds adorable. Jenny will cite this link as merely one more piece of evidence pointing to me wanting kids; I will then note that as much fun as it is to have a dog who urps if I take corners too sharply, I'm not really eager to add a small child to the circus yet. But I do like reading about them. ;)

07:45 PM by Eric: Directories and shared memory Philosophy

Randomly ran across this discussion of online directories like Google today, and something caught my eye:

So why does Google work so well? Because it's open and fair and seems smart (it's just a computer of course). Its algorithms figure out what the Web has to say on a given subject. Collectively we believe in Google, it's our memory, it's the way we share.

(emphasis mine)
I don't believe in a "genetic memory", or any of the other theories about shared memories I've seen (not that I've done an exhaustive review, you understand). But it seems to me that as the human race moves forward into a more and more interconnected world, one where vast volumes of information are nearly instantly accessible, we will develop one.

07:03 PM by Eric: My college sucked Personal

I wish I'd gone to UC Berkeley. I mean, UofL would never in a million years have a course on weblogs, taught by one of the co-founders of Wired magazine. What other fascinating once-a-week courses could I have taken to satisfy my myriad of interests?

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