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Hail the conquering heroes…

06:53 PM by Eric: Hail the conquering heroes… Personal

Yes, we have returned from our jaunt into the vast wilderness that is Orlando, Florida. :) 5 days of Disney parks is enough to exhaust anyone; we're all pretty pooped. Though we are also tanned, fairly relaxed, and we captured the elusive stuffed Stitch (we started hunting him shortly after seeing him at MGM on Monday morning, and finally succeeded early Friday morning at Epcot, after scouring every shop in every park between -- we snatched the last two. Apparently the little guy is popular. If I had a digital camera I'd post pics, but alas). Fun vacation, though I recommend flying over driving if at all possible.

Friday night -- our last in Orlando -- Jenny, Lauren, Lindsay and I went to Wolfgang Puck's restaurant at Downtown Disney, and I had the best pizza in my entire life. If you live near a WP, run, do not walk. The mushroom-mushroom pizza is fantastic. I also had a very decent Canadian microbrew called La Fin Du Monde; not really a pizza beer, but quite good on its own.

And to top off an already fun week, Jenny's grandmother gave us an original Atari 2600 machine with three games. Jen and I have decided to start a computer museum. :)

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