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New member of the family

10:15 PM by Eric: New member of the family Personal

No, we aren't having a child. But there is a new member of the family. He's a German Shepherd mix, slightly younger and slightly bigger than Cara. They seem to be getting along quite well, though I'm not sure how long some of the furniture will withstand their roughhousing. We're not entirely sure what to call him; the Humane Society was using Smoky, but he's not really a smoky sort of dog to us, so who knows. Pictures forthcoming as soon as we take some… and I need to edit my site graphic.

Update: Okay, so it turns out to be quite fortuitous that I was watching All Dogs Go To Heaven yesterday afternoon, because our new dog strongly reminds me of the protagonist—one Charlie by name. So we've sort of "renamed" the new dog Charlie.

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