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Long time no update

10:58 AM by Eric: Long time no update Personal

Yeah, so, things have been pretty busy lately. However, Jen's play is over, Thanksgiving is over, and Jen's grandma has returned to Florida, so hopefully some peace and quiet will bless us until Christmas.

I spent most of the weekend cleaning the apartment; it hadn't had a good cleaning since about mid-November, so it was something of a disaster. The laundry still isn't done, and I started the first load about 10:00am on Saturday. :-P I also still have to do some work on the office, but everything else is clean and smells nice. Now if only I could freeze it that way. :)

Charlie's training is progressing. Last week he was stubborn and unhelpful, possibly the least-well-behaved dog in the class. Yesterday we tried a different training collar which really gets his attention, and I found a treat he'll actually pay attention to in class. The short version is that he was probably the best-behaved dog in class, particularly at heeling (which he is usually horrid about)—he walked right at my side, watching me very closely. The other people in the class were very impressed (hell, so was I). Last week I came home incredibly frustrated, but today I'm optimistic. Unfortunately we're having class both the Sunday before and the Sunday after Xmas, which means that I (and possibly Jen, if she decides to come) will have to drive back from Louisville for those two classes. I am irked.

You have no idea how difficult it is for me to not stop by Barnes and Noble on the way home and pick up the Lilo & Stitch DVD. No idea at all.

Work is in one of those in-between phases. There's a certain amount of steady work (website changes, bugfixes, setting up a new trouble report tool, etc etc), but it's neither really cool nor incredibly stressful. Largely I think it will stay this way till the new year, which makes me happy. Downtime is good.

Oh, I almost forgot. We finally bought groceries again. Massive amounts of groceries. It's so nice to open the fridge and see real food again. :)

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