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Weekend update and random thoughts

03:05 PM by Eric: Weekend update and random thoughts Personal

The snow this weekend reminded me what it must have been like for people in ages past in the winter—stuck inside all day with no way to go anywhere interesting. Of course, they didn't have the Internet (not even the sad, fitful remnants of the Internet that DirecTV DSL's decomposing network can bring us, one heroic packet at a time), or electric lighting, or cable TV, so it's not like we were suffering exorbitantly or anything.

Sunday we performed our monthly clean-the-apartment ritual. It always looks very nice for all of about two hours, and then inevitably someone makes food and it's all over but the crying.

On the plus side, the food that "someone" made turned out really well: homemade oven fries (a.k.a. potato wedges) and grilled veggie dogs. They were so good I had the rest of the oven fries as a late-night snack. :) I must remember that recipe. Maybe I'll even write it down. :-P

About that whole Internet thing: I want to lay this all out so that if some future potential exploiteecustomer of Charter happens to check Google, maybe they'll be forewarned. We called Charter perhaps a half-dozen times over the last two weeks (after being assured that someone would figure out what was going on and call us back, and failing to do that for ten days or so). Each time we were told a supervisor would call us back. A couple of times they even did, but they never had any new information. Finally we started "getting hostile". This is a fairly time-honored tradition in my family; we tend to be pretty mild over the phone, but at some point we start getting irritated. After being told three times in two days that a manager would call us back within 2 hours (this after being told no, of course we couldn't just call up and expect to get a supervisor on the line, what did we think we were, valued customers?) and having them call back not once, I got a little testy on the phone. (I don't like to do this, because I worked with tech support guys for a while, and they're just some poor fucker sitting in a chair reading from a set of scripts for $5 an hour. But Charter earned it. Having been directly lied to, in person and on the phone, multiple times annoys me.) So I asked to verify that we owed Charter no money (we did at some point manage to get them to admit that if some other assholecustomer on their network was currently using the modem we were alleged to have, we couldn't very well have it and ought not be charged for it), I asked (well, demanded) that our account be terminated. The tech told me the single most astonishing thing in this entire parade of astonishing idiocy: he told me our account had already been terminated. So instead of actually trying to figure out why one of their alleged $250 cable modems was not where they thought it was, and instead of just giving us another goddamn modem and making $35 a month off us, and rather than just calling us back the first time and telling us to kiss off, they made us call them a rough total of twenty times and spend hours on the phone and in person harassing them. Charter Pipeline has got to be the most incompetently, amorally run enterprise I've ever heard of—Enron at least was halfway clever about stealing from their customers! So the short end of the story is this: Charter Pipeline sucks, and we're getting Earthlink DSL instead.

I was reading Penny Arcade and something Tycho said made me laugh in appreciation:

She might vote pro-geek in an election, but she's not a member of the party. It is as though she's come to terms with some disease I have.

This pretty much describes Jen's stance on the matter as well. :)

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