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Weekend report

10:26 AM by Eric: Weekend report Personal

Pretty wild weekend, for us. Saturday night we went out to dinner and then out dancing at Have a Nice Day Cafe for Christina's birthday; got home about 3 am, completely exhausted. I'm learning to enjoy dancing, which is something I never thought I'd say. :)

Unfortunately Cara decided to spend much of Saturday morning (between 3 and 9 am) throwing up wood chips, which meant we were both exhausted most of the day Sunday.

Last night we had an Oscar "party" (I think you technically need more than 5 people for it to be a party, but whatever). We printed out Oscar ballots from E Online and gave away a $10 gift card to Blockbuster to the winner. Lots of food, lots of alcohol, and a pretty good time. Jenny won the gift card with 12 correct answers; against all odds I tied for second with 10.

Some bad news: My ferret, Galt, has a tumor which has apparently gone critical in and around his lower spine; apparently he can't really move his hind legs all of a sudden. He's the last of our five ferrets; poor things really seem to get hit hard by tumors.

Some worse news: A friend of our family who has spina bifida is in really bad shape. He probably won't make it much longer. Matt has the kind of courage and spirit you don't see very often; I doubt I'd have put up the kind of fight he has. Atheist that I am I find myself hoping there's something good waiting for him.

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