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Start of the real hockey season

06:48 PM by Eric: Start of the real hockey season Culture | Sports

What a crazy beginning to the Stanley Cup playoffs… the Wild beat the Avs in their first ever playoff game, the Mighty Ducks take the Wings to triple overtime and win… only one team wins the first game at home. Oh, and the Blues shut down the Canucks six-nothing.

Osgood wasn't brilliant, but he really didn't have to be; the Blues played great defense. Ozzie made the stops he had to and let the defense worry about the rest. Much the same thing happened when he won the Cup with the Wings; if the Blues can continue to play the way they did last night—including not taking stupid penalties, which has been a big problem for them this year—they could do some real damage.

I know, I know, the first game is often not indicative… but it did my heart good to see the Avs get beat by the Wild. It would be fantastic if Minnesota actually managed to win the series.

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