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08:57 AM by Eric: You think? Culture | Filesharing and DRM | Music | Tech

p2pnet.net | news | RIAA sue 'em war results in sales losses:

The RIAA's sue 'em all campaign has resulted in a 22% drop in file sharing, but at the same time, CD sales have plummeted by 9.4% and, "Specifically, curtailing file trading may not improve CD sales, but instead may accelerate their decline."

Golly, who'd have thunk that suing your own customers would actually have negative repercussions?

09:43 AM by Eric: Who are these people kidding? Personal | Tech

Seen on a job posting today, under "Required Qualifications":

4-6 years .Net experience

Never mind that .Net wasn't even formally available before early 2002, and didn't exist at all 4-6 years ago…

09:09 AM by Eric: Stranded in St. Peters Personal

So Jenny, the dogs, and the car have all moved to Austin, leaving me here in St. Louis. I feel like I'm kind of in limbo: our St. Louis life has basically ended, but my life in Austin has yet to begin. It's a very frustrating feeling. And it's odd to feel homesick for a place you've only been to three times, but that's how I feel.

10:43 AM by Eric: England debriefing Personal

So yes, we've returned from England, though neither of us wanted to. (I might have been a little more willing to had we been going straight to Austin, but that wasn't the case…) It was a great trip, a wonderful break from the stresses I've been under lately. (Click more to read the full report.)

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