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Phil Collins stuck in my head

10:34 PM by Eric: Phil Collins stuck in my head Personal

Specifically, that "so you're leavin'…" song. I had a great weekend hanging out with the families, most especially with Jen. I got home 3 hours ago, and already I miss her rather crushingly. I do get to see her again next weekend, which is top-notch.

Actually, in this last weekend I feel like I can kind of see the shape of things to come. The odds that Jen and I will ever live in Louisville again are pretty slim (since Louisville is currently eviscerating its arts scene), and the odds that Conner, Lindsay, or Lauren will end up near us is similarly small (though I would be happy to be wrong about that), which means that a couple of times a year we'll all descend on the same location, have a frenetically fun weekend or week, and then scatter again, leaving everyone feeling a little tired, a little lonely, and a little sad. At least, if my own feelings are any indication. It's nice to have acquired such a great second family; it's like a double bonus on top of having met such a wonderful woman.

Now all I have to do is find a way to live in the same city as her. :-P

Also, the flight back was not so much fun, which is unusual for Southwest. It wasn't really their fault, though; the dipshit in the row in front of me spilled his Heineken all over my backpack (which is fortunately water-resistant, so while the backpack smells like Heineken at least my clothes don't). Then I arrived home to discover that my soap exploded all over all of my bathroom stuff, which was a pain in the ass to clean off. Yargh.

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