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Road warring

09:09 AM by Eric: Road warring Personal

Ah, the weekly flight from Austin to St. Louis. :-P Let's just say I'm not going to miss laying over in Houston Hobby for an hour or two twice a week.

I did get to see the Arch for probably the last time as we flew by at a couple hundred feet, which was kind of nice. The Arch was always my "last leg" landmark, coming back from Louisville; I always knew that when I finally spotted it over a hill I was home again, and the rest was just a quick half-hour hop, skip, and jump through the city. The Arch is thus a comforting landmark to me.

I guess I haven't formally posted it, but yeah, I do have a new job, in Austin, starting next Monday. I met everyone yesterday. I'm really looking forward to starting there; it seems like the job will be extremely interesting.

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