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Why are weekends so short?

09:34 PM by Eric: Why are weekends so short? Personal

I swear this weekend was no more than four hours long. We got up on Saturday, cleaned some of the house, went to the grocery, and went out with one of Jen's old classmates from Butler -- at a very cool bar downtown called Lounge (try the White Martini, seriously). Could become a regular hang-out spot for us. Sunday we got up and went to the dog park for a few hours with Megan, Nick, and Tupper, which was pretty fun. Came home, Jen did homework and I wrote some code, we watched the halftime show (what did I think? 1. Totally planned. 2. Meh.) and went to bed. And that was it. I mean, I missed a day in there or something! Sigh.

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