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08:35 PM by Eric: Tumbleweeding Personal

So it turns out the fact that the server has 4 times the memory and about 6 times the processing power is irrelevant to the problem. Ah well. 500 clients isn't too shabby, I guess.

The problem with the Internet is that just anybody can come along and read whatever you put out there. No, that's not actually it. The problem with the Internet is that too many people know where my website is. (Yeah, like what, six people or something?) ;) I'm kidding, but there is a real point there. Sometimes you want to post about, oh, just random stuff, or rant about something, or what have you. I guess that's why people put up anonymous LiveJournals, eh? (Ah, the completely private LiveJournal entry: the offsite, password-protected journal your little brother/mom and dad can't read. It's every teenager's dream. :) Anyway, nothing concrete, just rambling about the strange sort-of-public persona we all seem to be acquiring these days.

I gave Charlie a bath today; I really think there's nothing more pathetic than a dog sitting there begging to know why you hate them so much. Unless perhaps it's a cat asking the same question at the top of his lungs. ;)

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