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Two more weeks...

03:58 PM by Eric: Two more weeks... Personal

Two more weeks until Jen and I get to disappear into North Carolina for nine days with her fam. I can't say how much I'm looking forward to that, in so very many ways. :) Work is very stressful... we're winding up one project that had to be usable for a party the owners are having tomorrow, and we have a major major major project getting installed starting next week -- which I am flying off to vacation half way through, so my stuff has to all be done by then.

August should be decent, though; work will have slowed down, Jen and I should have some time to hang out, take the dogs for lots of walks, etc.

We're going to see Spider-Man 2 tonight... looking forward to that, since I hear it's much better than the first. We were planning on just waiting till we could get it on Netflix, but it does sound good. Plus we haven't been out on a date since Harry Potter (the night before Jen left for Louisville), so it's definitely time again. :)

I am so looking forward to hanging out with Tony and Laurie and Lindsay and Tom and Val... seeing them and my own family twice a year is one of the few things I really regret about Texas. (Dressel's is one of the others. ;)

Two more weeks... and this is a three-day weekend (office is celebrating Independence Day on the 5th)... yay!

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