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12:38 PM by Eric: Petals Around The Rose Personal

I ran across an interesting "game" (more of a puzzle) called Petals Around The Rose today. There's an interesting story attached about how Bill Gates responded to the problem.

I figured it out, by the way. ;)

08:56 PM by Eric: What's behind door number 1? Personal

Today while cleaning the office it occurred to me that our closet door is like some sort of game of chance for our dogs. On the one hand, it holds the leashes, which means that opening that door could lead to going for a walk around the neighborhood--always exciting. On the other, it also holds both the luggage and the vacuum cleaner. The luggage is itself a kind of lottery--it could mean we're all taking a road trip, or it could mean Jenny or I (or both) are going away for a few days. The vacuum, of course, is purest distilled evil, though Charlie tries very hard to act nonchalant. ;)

And they never know which it will be until I close the door, and by then it's too late. Poor guys. :)

04:24 PM by Eric: Two for two Tech

Today I passed the second of my exams for MCSD certification: XML Web Services and Server Components. Considering that this was the material I use least in my day-to-day job, it actually was much easier than I expected it to be. Not that I'm complaining. :)

03:51 PM by Eric: I am so getting Jenny this for Christmas... Personal

Perfect for when I'm out of town... a pillow that mimics your SO's arm so you can snuggle....



01:45 AM by Eric: I want to hold you high and steal your pain away Personal

It's 2 in the morning and I'm sitting here worrying about Jen, wishing I could be with her right now, wrap her in my arms and do even the tiniest thing to make her life better right now.

I love you baby, and I hope you're okay.

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