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11:09 PM by Eric: Untitled Update, or, Eric is Lazy Personal

So yes, my birthday was Wednesday. Thank you, thank you, I have survived another year. Shocking, innit? ;) But then, Jenny and I saw a play in which the point was made that people act as if you get older all at once, on your birthday, as if something changes, when really it's gradual, infinitesimal, unnoticeable in real life. Birthdays are strange in that they're at once a tiny step -- a rollover of the clock from 11:59 to 12:00 -- and a quantum leap -- underage to adult, minor to legal drinker, twentysomething to thirtysomething, normal working adult to "eligible for retirement" oldster. Anyway, that's the pithy thought for the week: when exactly do those things "change"?

As for the event itself, it was even more low-key than the time I invited 30 people and 3 showed up. I worked from 6:15am to about 5pm, went home and made dinner, and then Jen and I went to UT to do callbacks for her show. I spent 3 hours sitting in a college desk in the hall taking photos of prospective castees and handing out sets. Then we went home, had raspberry martinis, and crashed. Oh, yes, and somewhere in there Jenny surprised me, against all orders, with a copy of Half-Life 2. Which I am greatly enjoying. :)

This weekend was even more crazy full than usual, and yet somewhat more relaxed. I mean, we only saw 2 plays, both of which were pretty short. Both were fairly disturbing, but that's also kind of par for the course this semester. Saturday we spent about 10 hours at the Alamo Drafthouse, watching a marathon of Degrassi (both Junior High and High). I confess I had never even heard of this show before, but it was enjoyable. In retrospect, I think we should have played the drinking game, but oh well.

It's rainy as hell here. I want it to stop. I need to mow the lawn, among other things.

This week is a short week; I am really looking forward to a four-day weekend. Work is very intense -- if good -- right now, hopefully it will slow up again after the new year. Weekend after next Mom and Dad and Ryan are coming down, which is exciting. The week after that I am spending in Phoenix, which is less exciting (but will earn me my next free ticket from SWA). I'm going back for another full week right after we get back from Xmas vacation. I think the universe is taking vengeance on me for complaining that I really wanted to finish off that free ticket; really I would have been happy with a one-day, in-and-out trip, but I guess it's not to be.

I think the best part about this Christmas will be that I'll get to spend time with all three of my grandmas in a one week period, which has thus far happened exactly once (at our wedding).

Not much more to say, I'm afraid. We get up early, work late, and go to lots of plays. Terribly exciting, I know. ;)

10:34 AM by Eric: Honey, where's my super suit? Movies and TV

Jen and I stole a little free time last night and went to see The Incredibles. It wasn't, perhaps, the most original storyline ever--there are, it seems, a finite number of superhero story arcs in this world--but it was very well executed. All the things we've come to expect from Pixar: Great animation, witty dialogue, a very well-spent two hours. I'd say this one was even worth the non-matinee price.

The trailer for Cars, though, isn't very illuminating. Oh, it shows off some fantastic animation (some of the shots are very hard to tell from live video), and again the characters are very clear even in a 2-minute trailer. But what the heck is the plot? If I had to guess I'd say it's set in the south and there's something in there about car racing, but that by itself isn't necessarily enough to make me really want to see it.

And yes, they played the Episode 3 teaser. I might go see this one if they keep the amount of stupid dialogue under 10 minutes total; that's really all there is to say. If Ep 3 actually turns out decent, that would be the only one I'd buy. I wonder for how many other people that's true...

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