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Oh Bother

09:57 PM by Eric: Oh Bother Personal

Today was one of those days where nothing seemed to go right. I spent the morning trying to figure out why adding tax to orders was coming up with the wrong numbers, only to discover that the person who told me it was, was using the wrong tax percentage to verify. Then I spent the afternoon trying to track down a ghost in the machine; a bug that didn't actually exist. My own fault, of course, as I broke a rule that I've spent the last month trying to get someone else to follow. :-P

On the other hand, when I organized the garage tonight (ok, I admit it, when I've had a bad day I put upbeat music on really loud and clean things) I found an ice hockey helmet we inexplicably bought for Jenny back in St. Louis when she expressed a brief interest in roller hockey. This means that I can ditch my crusty, rusty, stinky old roller hockey helmet for a nice new one actually designed for ice hockey. So that made me feel better. :)

Work in general is pretty busy right now. We pushed RC1 (that's Release Candidate 1 for you non-programming types) to our QA department this afternoon, so we're moving right along. I'm going to be interested to see this go out to customers and hear exactly what they like and don't like about it. :) I also have some ideas for things I want to change or add in the next version, not that I think Product Management will leave me a whole lot of time to do so. ;)

Looking forward to the cruise. Tonight I learned that cruise lines' (or at least Princess') customer service people not only don't bat an eye at potentially weird requests, they actually can answer your question in an entirely satisfactory manner. So kudos to whichever nice fellow (Christopher?) I spoke to.

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