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Vive Italia!

10:44 PM by Eric: Vive Italia! Sports

So I am officially rooting for the Italian men's hockey team for the rest of the Olympics. I just finished watching their game against Canada, and the way they managed to hang with the Canadian squad for so much of the game was inspiring. They may have lost 7-2, but they did it in style, no doubt about that. And you have to love how excited their fans get when they're doing well.

Of course, I was rooting for Kazakhstan against the Swedes, too. I have something of an affinity for underdog teams, maybe because I was never on a winning team in any league I ever played in. Ever. Not soccer, not tennis, not indoor soccer, probably not even T-ball as a little kid. :) I'm hoping that will change with the upcoming hockey season. We'll see. ;)

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