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05:50 PM by Eric: The South Park Character Creator Humor
07:55 AM by Eric: I was wrong, there are stupid questions after all Humor

I cannot believe that this is an actual, honest-to-God, official, frequently-asked-question, but it is on the website of the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory:

Why don't we try to destroy tropical cyclones by nuking them?

Hat tip to Invisible Adjunct.

10:49 PM by Eric: Comedy Gold Humor

This is comedy gold:

The Arabic for DUCK is BOTTAH
Imagine you cover a duck with butter.

The Arabic for FISH is SAMAKAH
Imagine you smack a fish.

The Arabic for DATE (the FRUIT) is TAMARAH
Imagine wanting a date tomorrow.

A bargain at any price, but it's only $8.75!

03:17 PM by Eric: Captain Euro Goes to Sunnydale Culture | Humor | Politics

Okay, Captain Euro Goes to Sunnydale is brilliant. Mac captures the voices of the characters absolutely perfectly (and incidentally, the political commentary is pretty decent too):

XANDER: So this is what you do, huh? You roll into town in your tights and insult people with your nose-up-in-the-air attitude? I need any insulting done, I can get it at home, I don't need your contribution.

SPIKE: And I'll insult him.

XANDER: Right, Spike can insult me. Lord knows, that's the only way he ever gets to hurt anyone anymore.

SPIKE: Mate, don't push your luck.

XANDER: Or what, you'll have a headache at me? Bring it on, blondie.


06:08 PM by Eric: Sometimes spam is strange… Humor

And sometimes it's completely and utterly incomprehensible. Among the other bizarre pieces of spam in my hotmail account today (including two notes from a very nice lady who wants to help me get www.randomtree.org listed in more search engines… she's so kind) was a truly bizarre rambling, crazed note. Click [more…] to read the whole thing.

I just scanned it, but it does raise interesting questions. Like what is Makail Gorbashev doing in a base in LA? How can a chip implanted in your hand or your forehead track your purchases? Who the hell is "Makail Gorbashev" anyway? Do chimpanzees have navel lint? Anyway, I found it briefly entertaining and decided to share.

In other news, Jenny and I turned in the paperwork for the apartment we're moving to in August. Both of us are a little ambivalent about the move -- we like the Central West End so much that it's a huge counter-argument to moving out. Hopefully the neighborhood in U. City will be fun as well. If not, I suppose we can always drive the 10 minutes to the CWE. :)

11:32 PM by Eric: The sad thing is that Humor

The sad thing is that this is very, very close to not being satire at all.

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