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09:39 AM by Eric: Best travel mug ever Misc

I would just like to point out that Jenny gave me the best travel coffee mug I've ever had. It's made by Nissan Stainless. I poured hot coffee into it at 6:20 this morning, and at 9:40 it's still pleasantly warm. It doesn't leak, it's easy to clean, and it's nice and roomy. Highly recommended. :)

11:49 PM by Eric: Ah, irony -- my favorite Misc

Ah, irony -- my favorite form of humor (scroll down to the two paragraphs about Josh Peyton. The ironic bit should be obvious if you have a decent grasp of grammar).

05:50 PM by Eric: Yeah, baby: it's back. For Misc

Yeah, baby: it's back. For a cool $4,990, no less. ;)

03:10 PM by Eric: In other incredibly bone-headed moves: Misc

In other incredibly bone-headed moves: Best Buy has comparison shopper arrested. Yeah, okay. I mean, there's two courses of action here:

  1. Throw out comparison shoppers. In this case, you have zero chance of selling to the shopper, since they're not even in your store any more.
  2. Don't throw out comparison shoppers. In this case, there's a chance the shopper will discover a lower price elsewhere, and a chance they will not. Which means there's a chance you'll sell to the shopper.

Call me crazy, but if I'm a retailer I'd at least like a chance to sell to the shopper.

Credit to Jenny for alerting me to this particular ridiculousness.

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