FolderSyndication 1.0


Announcing FolderSyndication 1.0. FolderSyndication is a tool that will watch folders and files for changes (new files, modified/renamed files, deletions, etc) and will publish those changes, for instance to an Atom feed (the default, although an RSS 2.0 feed is another provided option). If you don't like Atom or RSS 2.0, you can provide your own XSL transform to output whatever you want--Word document, raw XML, database update, whatever.


  • Publish format is completely customizable through the use of standard XSLT files.
  • Folders can be watched recursively, and notifications can be filtered by wildcard patterns.
  • Publishing is performed at configurable intervals in order to not cause performance degradations during large file modifications (such as copying or deleting large numbers of files).
  • Windows native FileSystemWatchers are used, meaning even a very large file tree can be watched efficiently. (Not yet tested against very high volumes of file changes.)

As with the other tools available on my website, FolderSyndication is licensed under a Creative Commons By Attribution license, meaning you are free to use and redistribute it as long as you give me credit as the original program author.

Download Link (Note: This package will not install on Windows 2000 or previous due to its use of the LocalService account. To install on Windows 2000 or previous, use this package instead.) Either package is about 400k in size.

If you have any questions, comments, or bug reports, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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