Chocolate Cherry Cake

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When I was growing up our favorite cake was a chocolate cherry cake. You can make it with a few ingredients, a cake mix, cherry pie filling, an egg and so forth. Smudge's birthday is this weekend and I needed an easy cake for his party. 

At the grocery store, I read the cake mix box ingredients and realized I had all of this stuff (with no preservatives) in my pantry. So I went home and googled how to make one from scratch. 

I ended up using the recipe posted here: (she's from Kentucky!). 

She makes in a Bundt pan, but I just used a rectangle cake pan like normal. I noticed just now that she suggests doubling the frosting recipe. I don't think that's necessary, but I do think adding more evaporated milk (maybe even twice as much) and thinning it out a good deal would be helpful. 

It's not a pretty cake, so there is no point in photographing it, but it is very, very tasty. Next time we might make it with raspberry pie filling instead of cherry and see what happens. 

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