"Crab Cakes" and mustard dill green beans and cauliflower

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Everybody knows that empty carbs are not good for you, but so, so delicious. But it's easy to turn to them as a vegetarian where often your only options (at least in Mountain Town) are grilled cheese and french fries. We've made a concerted effort in the past to eat lower carb, and while we are not strictly adhering to that by any means (as weekly pizza night will attest), we've kept a few of the best recipes in rotation. 

Last night we had Sophie's Vegan Crab Cakes and green beans and cauliflower with mustard dill sauce. It's a quick and easy vegan dinner that is more or less healthy (less healthy if you pan fry the crab cakes). Ironically, we followed this up by watching Top Chef, which had a whole seafood themed episode. Tons and tons of crawfish being boiled alive or chopped in half and then discussion of how the "best fish is one you catch yourself." Yeah... I think the best "fish" is the one that was never a fish, but I'm crazy like that. I know that sounds all political, and sure yeah, but also? Those crawfish looked like big giant cockroaches to me. Totally creepy. 

Note: instead of tofu, we just use Veganaise in this sauce and it goes great on the crab cakes too. 
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