Dis Be Nummy- Mountain Edition

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It has been a long time since this blog was operational, but for some reason I am feeling the urge to bring it back. So I am! The last iteration of this was the Austin version, motivated by our garden and our fantastic CSA. We have since moved clear across the country to Ogden, Utah. The climate is very different here. For one thing, there is winter and snow. This means that we can't garden year round like we could. It also means that the vegetables at the farmer's market and that we can grow have changed. We tried a CSA here, but it was a LOT of patty pan squashes, so it didn't really work for us. Our garden this past summer was successful enough that we didn't even go to the farmer's market that much. 

Somethings haven't changed. We still can't make ravioli worth a damn. We're still lacto-ovo vegetarians. We still have a kid, though he's a lot older than when I was updating regularly. At this point he could even write his own entries.  

Anyway, it was nice having recipes in a centralized place on the blog and so I decided to bring it back. Our menus run Monday through Sunday, and assume there will be times we just eat leftovers or quick dinners of Mac and Cheese. I try to fast a couple of days a week (following the 5/2 diet) so Eric and Ollie eat their own things those days. And once a week we have pizza and movie night. So there will always be different kinds of pizza on the menus.

Menu for 1/6-1/2 

*Pizza- Taco and Cheese Pizza
*Samosa Soup and Aloo Chat

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