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I am a follower of the 5:2 diet, or intermittent fasting. What this means is that for five days a week I try to eat healthy and nothing insane, but I don't really worry about what I consume. The other two days, I keep my total calorie intake below 500 calories. For me that works out to:

Breakfast- Coffee with sugar free creamer
Lunch- Soup broth
Snack- 2 sticks of gum (yes, I realize that is ridiculous)
Snack- Sliced up veggies and more coffee with sugar free creamer. 

If I do both fast days and eat a sensible amount of food, I do drop weight and if I do both fast days and eat crap the other days I don't seem to gain much weight. So it works for me. 

That said, I often spend the evening of my fasting days dreaming of food, pinning recipes on Pintrest or making elaborate menus and plans for eating days. But the nice thing is, unlike other diets where I've felt constantly deprived (regardless of what they tell you, cough, cough, Weight Watchers) I get to eat like a normal person tomorrow. So I only need to dream away one evening and food awaits. 

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