Vegetarian Tapas feast

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Last night we decided to have a vegetarian Tapas feast. Originally this meal was planned for over spring break, when I could help with the many small dishes called for. However, it ended up where Eric made the food and I just enjoyed it. I'm not going to lie, I didn't hate that. Along with it being a frankly decadent and delicious feast, it was also a good way to get our seven year old excited about going to Spain this summer and to introduce him to some of the foods he might encounter. To that end, we didn't do a huge ton of research as to the accuracy of these dishes, but we definitely did a full taste test as to the yumminess. Here's the run down of what we made and what we thought: 

This was one of our two baguette toppings. It was also the kid's favorite recipe by a lot. Essentially, you grill some baguette, put olive oil and a pinch of salt on it, and then top it with a fresh tomato and garlic sauce. What's not to like? 

The small person didn't care for this, as he found the caper flavor in the vinaigrette too strong. Eric and I both liked this dish quite a lot. 

Eric roasted the potatoes instead of frying them. This was delicious, and I'm sure frying the potatoes makes it only more delicious. We left this fairly mild to entice the small person, but that was in error, I think. He would have been fine with the potatoes plain and I would have liked mine to be more fiery. Still, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, How can you go wrong. 

This was the second of our baguette toppings and it was also delicious. This was Eric's favorite dish. The strong flavor of the capers and sun dried tomatoes worked out nicely next to the creamy goat cheese. Delicious. 

If it had been up to me, we also would have made a Tortilla Espinola, but Eric doesn't care for this dish for some reason, so we didn't have one. We just added some olives and snacked our way through dinner. 

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