Day Care II


Well, today was the day.

It figures that Ollie was sleeping peacefully and quietly at 7 am when the alarm went off. I mean, he woke up at six am the last five or six days in a row when we had no reason to be up that early, why not choose to sleep in the day we had to get up?

He and I got there and there was a flurry of activity as I tried to learn where everything went and how to do it. Though they were very nice and friendly, I wish they had been a little clearer and more helpful for me on what to do and how to do it. A lot of it seems second nature for them and I couldn't figure it all out correctly.

I got everything more or less sorted and fed Ollie and then left. He was playing with the teacher when I left and didn't even notice me going. I sat down outside to put my shoes on and saw him in there and I cried. I told you I'd be the wuss not him.

Then I went to school. I talked the FAL into letting me store milk in their freezer. I did some work. Not as much as I would have liked, but some. I had lunch with Chase. At three I gave up and went to get him.

So apparently he had a pretty good day. He watched bubbles outside and enjoyed that. She said he was very observant all day, which is typical Ollie. She also said that he was easily comforted by anyone holding him, which she thought was nice. I thought it was... umm... good, but made me feel disposable. They also said they got him to take an hour and forty minute nap. How in god's name did they do that?

On the downside, I guess I didn't explain his eating well enough. They only gave him five ounces of milk total, but 1 and a half jars of baby food and a bunch of juice. I will have to stress that he get all 10 ounces of milk each day before any other kind of food because milk is the most calorically dense and he needs his calories. He was very hungry when I picked him up.

It was ok. We will probably be ok. I will get work done. I will have lunch with colleagues and friends like a grown-up. I will graduate. I will get a job that pays real money. I will just miss my baby something fierce.

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