Occasionally we worry a bit about Ollie's development. Something about the fact that he was brain damaged at birth and the neurologist said at one point he might be developmentally delayed. Later they declared him fine, but, you know. Also, he's not really crawling or walking like some of his peers. Which would be fine. Except for the brain damage thing. And my paranoia.


According to this test developed by the University of Eugene, Ollie's development is right on track.

This makes us happy. It just turns out the babies he hangs out with are all freaking over achievers. But, like I keep saying, Ollie is just channeling all of his development into being freaking gorgeous.

Also, Ollie and I were singing in the grocery store today. Our song goes, "AHHHHHH. AHHHHHHH. AHHHHHHH. AHHHHHHH." Henry and Steph also sing this song in the car. I try to harmonize with Ollie, but he can't be relied on to hold the same pitch.

Ollie also gave me about a million and seven kisses today. I am such a lucky girl to get so many sweet gooey kisses from my baby boy.

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