Solid foods


Well, Ollie is moving towards eating solid foods. Not the baby kind of solid food, ie pureed stuff, but actual solid chunks of food. We've started with the previously mentioned Organic Teddy Puffs, which don't dissolve quickly, but involve chewing. He's doing pretty well with them. I still freak out when he gags or chokes, but I try to restrain myself because I know that's a natural part of learning to chew and swallow. I have to let him figure it out.

We also bought our plane tickets for England. Yay! Not that we have the money for them, but it will be so much fun to see Ben, Fiona, Simon, Fiona's parents, etc. And we're going to Animal Kingdom in October. Someday a very pissed off Ollie is going to be like, why did you take me to Colonial Williamsburg, Disney World, and England all before I could remember it? And we'll be like, well, it just kinda worked out that way. Sorry dude.

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