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12:00 AM by Eric: 8/31/00 -- Well… flying out Personal

8/31/00 -- Well… flying out to California tomorrow for my cousin's wedding. Within two weeks' time I will have been the entire length of the
States, from Boston to San Jose. :) Should be a good time,
though… haven't seen those relatives in forever. I know they're all
eager to meet Jen. :)

12:00 AM by Eric: 8/28/00 -- Have you ever Personal

8/28/00 -- Have you ever had one of those days where you just know nothing is going to go right? Yeah.

12:00 AM by Eric: 8/15/00 -- Well, I'm losing Personal

8/15/00 -- Well, I'm losing my beautiful 38th-floor floor-to-ceiling-window with a view. Damnit. We're moving waaaaaaay out
by the Snyder for some unfathomable reason. Sigh. At least parking will
be easier. And no more scary elevators, I suppose… but I did like the
view. And the privacy.

12:00 AM by Eric: Evil computer games vs good fantasy books Culture | Tech

Interesting article over at the NYTimes… talks about "evil" computer games and
"good" fantasy books, and the differences between them that don't
get noted much by the media.

Wow, two news items in one day. I better be careful or I'll turn into one of those weirdos who updates every five minutes. :) Anyway… I'm
still not into this whole Office.NET and Windows.NET and CoffeeMachine.NET
(sad thing is I'm not even sure that last bit is a joke), but I'm getting
more intrigued by this whole C# thing… this
kind of piqued my interest. Sounds like some really slick
stuff under the covers.

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