Some notes on the author:
What on earth does the site's name mean? Well, some time ago Jenny read a news story about human attraction. Evidently what people find attractive has something to do with having symmetric features and not having "ape-like" features: heavy brow ridges, long arms, stooped posture, etc. (One could speculate on the value of avoiding other simian features such as flinging feces, grunting, and killing all your rivals' children when one attains power in order to maximize your harem's collective fertility, but I digress.) In summarizing the story to me, Jenny said, "Apparently I'm attracted to you because you have fairly symmetrical features and are not at all ape-like." I rather liked the quote (despite its being somewhat short of a glowing compliment) and when I was casting about for a new name for the site, it seemed to work.
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