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Every weekend, we dedicate one night to homemade pizza and watch a movie as a family.  We make the pizza crust in our bread maker, and then it is easy enough to roll it out and top it. We used to be challenged by the altitude to get the crust right, it was never crispy enough. But Eric's figured out that leaving the dough a bit wetter than the recipe calls for, using a pizza stone, and putting the pizza on non-stick pan lining paper makes the crust work just fine. The real challenge is coming up with different toppings.  

Here are some of our favorite pizzas:

*Taco pizza- top with refried black beans, salsa, cheese, and then after it is baked add lettuce and tomatoes. 
*Bacon, Asparagus, and Goat Cheese Pizza- this one calls for a few changes to make it vegetarian. One, obviously you can't use bacon. However, bacon is just equal parts fat+salt+smoke and you can recreate that by adding vegetarian Worcestershire sauce and a little bit of liquid smoke. This recipe calls for a lot of cheese (which could be cut down easily) but adds all of the fat you need. 
*Blue Cheese, Onion, and Sage Pizza- saute the onions, dump them on the pizza with blue cheese and sage (preferably fresh)
*Truffled Taleggio and Mushroom Pizza- saute the mushrooms first so they have more flavor.
*Roasted vegetable and goat cheese- chop up veggies small, roast them in olive oil, put them on a pizza with goat cheese

We are always on the hunt for new pizzas to enter the rotation. I think we might give this one: pizza with crispy kale, butternut squash, bacon, and mozzarella a try next. 

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