Julian the Rock Star Visits

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So Julian’s super cool parents needed to go to SXSW to see some bands, make some connections, live the rock star life. And lucky for us, this meant Julian got to spend the day here.

So while his parents were rocking out, Julian rocked Kellies Farm Ln…

He also ate mango and got water and sand EVERYWHERE (hence the topless look)

And rode a Zebra:

He's a busy boy, that Julian, with a crazy laugh and the urge to investigate EVERYTHING.

There are no pictures of him and Ollie together, because Julian very sweetly tried to give Ollie a hug and a kiss, and my weird anti-social baby smacked him away and started crying. He spent the rest of the day eying him warily. Who knows why Ollie's so weird about personal space right now. Hopefully it's just a phase.


addie said:

I'm surprised Julian didn't give Ollie a little love bite! He's been known to use him chompers in less-than-friendly ways.

And I could tell he and that mango got along well! I saw it on the other end and knew exactly what it was!

We're so glad you guys enjoyed him. That laugh is what gets us through the day sometimes...

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