Honey, where's my super suit?

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Jen and I stole a little free time last night and went to see The Incredibles. It wasn't, perhaps, the most original storyline ever--there are, it seems, a finite number of superhero story arcs in this world--but it was very well executed. All the things we've come to expect from Pixar: Great animation, witty dialogue, a very well-spent two hours. I'd say this one was even worth the non-matinee price.

The trailer for Cars, though, isn't very illuminating. Oh, it shows off some fantastic animation (some of the shots are very hard to tell from live video), and again the characters are very clear even in a 2-minute trailer. But what the heck is the plot? If I had to guess I'd say it's set in the south and there's something in there about car racing, but that by itself isn't necessarily enough to make me really want to see it.

And yes, they played the Episode 3 teaser. I might go see this one if they keep the amount of stupid dialogue under 10 minutes total; that's really all there is to say. If Ep 3 actually turns out decent, that would be the only one I'd buy. I wonder for how many other people that's true...


Fiona said:

Happy Birthday, belatedly! Jeez, I suck at remembering dates. Hope you had a good day.

Eric said:

No worries... better late than never. :) It wasn't a bad day, kind of low key... but I guess I'm kind of a low key guy, so it works out.

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