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Of dogs and servers

08:50 PM by Eric: Of dogs and servers Personal

Today was supposed to be the day the Central West End Dog Association got together to put up the fence for the new dog park. I had of course promised Cara that as soon as we got the fence up she could "test it out". Turns out that the CWEDA didn't quite have enough money for all of the wood, and they just ordered it, so it wouldn't have been here in any case. So my promise turned out to be hollow. I hate that. Fortunately Cara's pretty forgiving; we took a long walk in Forest Park instead. I love living so close to such a huge expanse of open green space. It makes me happy. Even when the ragweed and trees are making me sniffly.

Also, I installed Movable Type on the server this weekend, and am now using it to blog. We'll see if Jenny sees the light or not, when she comes back from Philly.

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