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09:26 PM by Eric: Anniversary Personal

Yes, yesterday was the one-year anniversary of our marriage. It went by very quickly, but seems like it was a long time -- as if we'd gotten to November, skipped a couple of years, and then started time normally again, if that makes any sense. Her family (minus Lauren), my family, my grandmas, my aunt Ginny, and my cousin Lisa all went out to Zephyr Cove Saturday for dinner to celebrate Jenny's dad's birthday, Lindsay's birthday, Ryan's graduation from high school, and our anniversary. It was a fantastically fun evening, for all my apprehension about it.

Jenny is in Louisville until mid-July teaching playwriting at the Young Writers' Workshop. Cara is with her, so the apartment is pretty lonely when I'm home. Every other time Jen's been out of the city, I at least have our dog to keep me company. The only bright spot is that that means I don't have to feel guilty about working overtime.

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