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Stranded in St. Peters

09:09 AM by Eric: Stranded in St. Peters Personal

So Jenny, the dogs, and the car have all moved to Austin, leaving me here in St. Louis. I feel like I'm kind of in limbo: our St. Louis life has basically ended, but my life in Austin has yet to begin. It's a very frustrating feeling. And it's odd to feel homesick for a place you've only been to three times, but that's how I feel.

We drove down Friday morning (left at 5am, got there at 8pm or so) and basically just crashed Friday night—after ordering some really bad Chinese food. Yuck. Saturday we went to the grocery, picked up the rest of our "desk" (kitchen counters cut to fit, with legs added, and bolted to the wall make excellent desks) and a new bookcase (woohoo! we almost have room for all our books!). The office is mostly put together (Jen did a lot of it after I left).

The dogs really seem to like it. As soon as we walked into the bedroom, Cara went and laid down on her bed, and Charlie went into his crate; they just seemed really glad to see all their stuff (and all our stuff) again. And of course they love the back yard. :)

Yesterday I drove back—left at 5am and got here at 7pm or so. I am stiff, sore, and unhappy at still being in St. Louis. :-P

Also, I would just like to note that I am very, very appreciative that Sandy is letting me stay with her, and that Mark and Ryan are being so nice about letting me leech rides. Thanks, guys. :)

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