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01:26 PM by Eric: More Accumulated Wisdom Personal

Jenny's post on Accumulated Wisdom has inspired me to post some things I have recently learned.

  1. Don't keep black pens in your shirt pocket.
  2. If you are going to be foolish enough to put black pens in your shirt pocket, carefully check all your shirts for pens before washing them.
  3. Should a pen escape your insufficiently vigilant watch, OxyClean is surprisingly good at getting ink out of clothes.

Also, the season premiere of Law & Order: Criminal Intent last night was good. It was all about sordid, polygamist architects, and when you mix that with Vincent D'Onofrio's patented "Weird Insight" character, that's guaranteed good plot material right there.

Also, the theatrical trailer for Return of the King is out, and damn if it doesn't have me all shivery.

Finally, there are only roughly 103 hours between now and when I get to kiss Jenny again. This week cannot possibly go fast enough. (Actually, I forgot the time change: 102 hours!)

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